The Franchise Package

What you receive as a Dog Walker franchisee

What you receive

So what do I receive if I want to invest? 

You will be part of a trademarked brand with successful franchises already in operation. You will have continuing support from ourselves whenever you require. An accountant is also provided but if youwpuld prefer to use your own then that's fine by us. Help is available over your first 12-months of trading with any further training or advice you require. Full support is provided however, throughout your franchise term you will also receive relevant licensing and registration documents for your local area, which will cover you over your first 12-months of trading.
Because of our passion to make The Dog Walker work, your franchise package comes with a vast amount of knowledge and experience, so we have done all the hard work for you! Due to our success, we have protected what we disclose. Full details on what you receive will be divulged once an interested party has signed a non-disclosure agreement. This is a legal formality and incurs no cost.
What extras do I need? 

The only things you need to provide when you first start are as:

Your own van insurance (must be fully comprehensive), breakdown cover, suitable clothing and footwear, experience (though not strictly necessary, as full training will be provided) and most importantly, enthusiasm and a passion for animal welfare.

Mutiple income streams

Even though your main time will be spent as a dog-walker, it doesn’t stop there because we offer other services to our clients...
Cat Care, Exclusive Home Boarding, Pet Taxi, Seaside Walks and Small Animal Care
So the possibilities are huge. Our franchise package is in no way limited. It has been designed to help you grow, be successful and develop your own team. We DO NOT take a percentage from your turnover for the first 10-years! Or ask for a further £5000+ for a van, like many franchise companies would do. You work hard for your cash and we're keen to ensure you reap the just rewards.
Yes, there are other franchises out there with investments ranging from £5,000 to £15,000 and some are also asking for around 10% to 20% of your earnings, but not one of them will include the most important tool: transport! We can say for sure that they cannot give you everything you need to start up a new career for the initial investment, whereas we DO give you everything you need to start your new career and hit the ground running!

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