Franchisee FAQs

Answers to the most common franchisee questions

FAQs For Franchising

Q. Can anyone have a franchise?
We need to make sure that the franchisee is suitable for the position and is subject to our interview procedure. We do however, run a discrimination-free company with equal opportunities for all. Iif you have a love for animals and the drive and passion for business with a suitable enviorment then you're on your way to taking the lead in your new career.
Q. How old do your franchisee's need to be?
We recommend that you're over 21yrs and hold a full, clean driving licence.
Q. Should I have some working capital?
Yes, you should leave yourself enough working capital to support yourself in your first six to twelve months of trading. As soon as your presence is known in your area, you will begin to see your earnings increase.
Q. Do we need to wear a uniform?
You will be provided with five The Dog Walker polo shirts for the summer months with our logo's and website address on them. We recommend that you dress for the weather at the time as only you can decide how warm or cool you need to be and what type of clothing suits you.
Q. Is this a seasonal business?
Not at all. Our customers use our services all year round whatever the weather. Even if your clients go away for their holidays you could also be boarding their dogs for them, so yes it’s seasonal but it’s all four of them, so we hope you enjoy the great outdoors!
Q. Can I resell my franchise?
Yes, you will need to inform head office and discuss what needs to be done by both the franchisee and franchisor. You are contractually obliged to adhere to our terms & conditions once you have purchased a franchise
Q. Can I work outside my contracted area?
No, you will be contracted to a specific area and need to keep within this area as there might be another The Dog Walker franchise close by. You can purchase extra postcodes whenever you need to (subject to availability).

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