Associated Costs

Initial investment and subsequent charges

What Are The Costs?

Initial investment is £16,500 (excluding VAT) and you will receive all you will need to begin your new venture with nothing else to pay for your first 12 months of trading. From your second year of trading there will be a £250 'intellectual property protection fee' charge of £1,000 over the rest of the four-year period until your renewal.
Renewal of the franchise for a further five years will be £3,500 with no extra charges or costs involved for those five years (the intellectual property protection fee £250 per year
still applies and is not included).
Extra postcodes can be purchased at £1,000 per full postal code, and will increase renewal cost each five-years by £500 per additional postcode.
The Dog Walker franchise scheme is the leading cost effective scheme in the United Kingdom. Our scheme is designed not to break your bank account or penalise you "the franchisee" for running your own business and we are proud not to have any extra hidden costs that other companys would have, The Dog Walker is a trusted trademarked brand with many years of success. If you need advice or help in raising the capital needed please contact Natwest Bank PLC, who offer two-years free banking for new business users.
If you decide our franchise package is for you and would like to go ahead then please contact us. You will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement once the initial interview is completed (please provide at the interview full CV with proof of residency together with proof of eligibility to work in the UK). A £500 deposit will be required if you are successful, which is required to secure your new vehicle. The remainder will be due once contracts are signed. 
** For the moment all franchise costs are VAT FREE! saving £3,000 on your initial investment (VAT based on 20%) ** Receipt of the deposit is also conformation that you intend to purchase a franchise. Deposits are non-refundable

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