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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I go on holiday and leave my dogs at home, can you walk them?,
Unfortunately not, it is a requirement for you to have in place a suitable environment for your pets to be cared for. It is against the law to simply leave your dogs at home without supervision whilst you go away. Why not use our Home Boarding Service?

Q. Why do you advertise 50 or 25 minute walks?
You may have some dog walkers who charge you for a whole or half hour but is your dog really out walking for that whole time? We always give extra time for collection and drop off. For example, If you opt for a 50-minute walk, we will walk your dog for the full 50-minutes and any extra time it takes to drop off will not be charged.

Q. Will I meet my new dog walker?
Yes of course, we will always send your local dog-walker to meet you and your pet.

Q. Do you offer upgrades or extensions to the walk or boarding?
Of course, we are very flexible as long as you contact your local dog-walker as soon as possible.

Q. What prompted you to do dog-walking and boarding?
Richie has previous experience in the kennelling industry. It was such a reality check for him, hence The Dog Walker being conceived.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?
Please see our legal page for our Terms & Conditions to see Cancellation/Termination policy.

Q. What do you do in case of emergency?
We first call you (the client) to discuss the situation and to sort out the best plan of action. If you cannot be reached and medical attention is required, we will take your pet to the vet designated by you or the nearest to our current location.

Q. What security measures do you have?
Your key will be kept secure and away from personal information and no key can be identified to any property, in the event of your key being lost or stolen we will advise you, also your personal information will never be sold or discussed with any 3rd parties. We are bound by the Data Protection Act.

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