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Lets build a sand castle

Have you ever wanted to take your pet to the seaside but not had the time to do so?  We know how hectic life can be with todays pressures and stresses and everyone getting so busy with day-to-day life.  The Dog Walker can do this for you with fully insured and ventilated vans, dog beds and toys, a trip to seaside is just a call away.
So what do I get for my money?
It will include a two-hour walk at your local beach with tennis-ball launchers and frisbee for about 40 minutes then dinner whilst we catch our breath! (dog food provided or you can provide your own) followed by a relaxing walk along the coast, taking in the sea views and maybe snap a few shots for our clients and the website, brush and towel dry then back home.
What do I need to provide?

1. Lead and collar
2. Own brush
3. Coat (if needed)
This is subject to advanced bookings and only three dog spaces available per trip.  Your dog must be able to get along with other dogs.  Please see our legal page for our full Terms and Conditions.


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