A round of ‘appaws’ with fourth award win!

Established in 2006, the Dog Walker was created due to a clear and growing demand for a service which could provide essential pet care for clients out at work or away from home.

Today, the firm supports clients from every demographic and across all ages and backgrounds, as pet-ownership becomes ever more prevalent. The team is able to offer a range of services designed around individual customer needs to ensure that they and their pet receive the support and service they need. Richie explores how the firm was created out of necessity and how it has evolved over the years into the multi-award-winning dog care specialist it is now.

“Over the years, the dog care market has seen a move away from the likes of kennels and catteries by the wider general public, who demand a kinder alternative and a continuity of the type of care their pets are used to at home. At the Dog Walker we are right at the centre of animal welfare and this is and always will be our top priority. It is evident in the behaviour of clients pets how important it is to ensure the care and safety or their pets is taken very seriously, as seriously as if they were children.

“Seeking to offer clients the service they need, we communicate clearly with them about their pets and we constantly provide advice and take action when we believe it is in the interests of animals in our care. Every aspect of our work is designed with our charges in mind. Our vehicles are designed above RSPCA standards in animal transportation. This has been made possible by consulting with our very own former RSPCA Director who is now our Silsden Franchisee. We always walk in areas that we assess as being safe, dog-friendly, livestock-free and conducive to a quality experience for dogs in our care. We also do not walk near busy roads, in housing estates or near heavy industry, for example. The business is fully licensed and insured and have put our insurance policy to the test in the past, proving why it is essential to have it in place. All of these techniques ensure excellence for our clients and success for the Dog Walker.”

As a franchise, the Dog Walker works hard to integrate its franchisees and help them to understand its values and ensure that clients and business owners feel supported at all times, as Richie is eager to highlight.

“At the Dog Walker, we offer a bespoke opportunity to all franchisees, which is deliberately set up to ensure the franchisee benefits and succeeds, rather than us as franchisor. It was essential to me that all of my teams enjoyed success in their business under the umbrella of The Dog Walker. All staff are trained accordingly in the handling of all types of dogs to ensure they are confident and comfortable and can demonstrate clear dog control. This simple but effective ethos ensures that my franchisees clearly see how worthwhile the business can be for them and the success and rewards they can draw from it.

Overall, the future looks bright for the Dog Walker, with Richie optimistic about that the firm will enjoy continued success, as he is proud to conclude.

“Ultimately, the Dog Walker is a forward-looking business, constantly encouraging new business by advertising and marketing ourselves as confident industry leaders. We believe we offer the best possible service due to our ethos, experience and knowledge. Winning this award furthers our drive to market ourselves as highly motivated and professional animal welfare specialists and we are keen to use this to help more pet owners to see the benefits of our services moving forward.”

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